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Mooments All-Brand Gift Card
Validity 12 months
Corporate Purchase Only. Write to Us!

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  • Once you click on "Accept Giftcard" and log in to, the credits associated with this gift card will be added to your wallet automatically.
  • These credits will be valid till 1 year from the date of being awarded.
  • Depending on your preference, buy any individual brand's gift card on Mooments using these credits (applied at checkout automatically) and redeem from that brand.

When it comes to happiness, the best way for us to feel happy is to make someone happy. 

And a Mooments All-Brand Gift Card is here to help you do just that – spread happiness and feel joy!

Mooments All-Brand Gift Card is a wallet-based gift card. Choose any dollar value to be sent as gift. Your friend shall receive the same as Wallet credits. These credits can be used to purchase from any of the 50+ national and international brands on Mooments (across categories such as Apparel & Accessories, Beauty & Skincare, Entertainment & Gaming, Health & Wellness, Bars & Restaurants, Travel, Home & Living, Groceries and more)

  • You don’t have to worry about what your friend likes
  • Your friend doesn’t have to adjust with flowers or a bottle of wine (accept it, we all resort to them in the last minute :D)
  • Two birds with one stone, don’t you think? We got you friend, we got you.

  1. Gift card validity is as mentioned above.
  2. This Gift Card will award "Mooments Wallet" credits to the recipient.
  3. The credits against this gift card can be used to exchange for other brands available on that are NOT tagged as “Bulk Purchase Only”.
  4. This Gift Card's credits can be used partially.
  5. This Gift Card CANNOT BE PRINTED.
  6. This Gift Card cannot be refunded for any reason.
  7. All other Terms and Conditions will be applicable as mentioned in